BREAKING NEWS: The First Digital Archive on Zejtun launched

In the past days we have been working to set up a digital archive on our website.  This is the first archive of its type in Malta and we are grateful for the support we have received from the Zejtun Parish, the two band clubs, the Għaqda ta’ l-Armar 25 ta’ Novembru and the Għaqda tan-Nar 25 ta’ Novembru when they believed in our project by granting us rights to publish this material.

This digital archive consists of 470 scanned articles related to the heritage of Zejtun and published in 95 books issued by the Zejtun Parish; the Beland Band Club; the Zejtun Band Club; the Għaqda ta’ l-Armar 25 ta’ Novembru and the Għaqda tan-Nar 25 ta’ Novembru for the feast of St Catherine in the last 30 years. These articles were written by 79 different authors and gathered under 14 different categories.

The archive can be accessed from our website, both through the English and Maltese version by clicking on the icon found on the homepage or directly by clicking this link  You will be directed to a new portal with a white background.

Once in this portal you can search the archive through various means since the articles are stored by author; by subject; by publication and by year of publication.  In the main portal you will find more detailed guidance on how to use this archive.

As you can see, these articles are an archived source of thoroughly researched information.  This archive will serve as a very useful tool for students and all those interested to know more about the heritage of Zejtun.

We intend to keep populating this digital archive with other publications on our heritage, even by giving links to other sources.

We kindly ask you to share the link to this archive with others so that this treasure of knowledge and information is accessible to a wider audience.

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