The Cathedral of the East

Wirt iż-Żejtun held its fifth biennial symposium on Saturday the 8th October 2022. The theme chosen for this year was “The Cathedral of the East”. Originally this symposium was planned for 2020 to commemorate the third centenary of the completion of the parish church of St. Catherine of Alexandria in Żejtun, however due to the pandemic, this had to be postponed for this year and is was organized thanks to the support from the Post Pandemic Cultural Fund managed by the Ministry of National Heritage, Arts and Local Government.

This theme focuses not just on the church building itself but also on other aspects including the architects’ various roles, the recent restoration project, the church influence on the society at that time, the discovery of a unique landscape drawing of Żejtun and the popular term associated with this church—the Cathedral of the East.

Seven speakers, including academics and researchers, have been invited to give their contribution. These papers were gathered in this publication which is now available to the public. The papers are the following:

  • The building of a new parish: From construction to consecration by Ms Giulia Privitelli
  • Lorenzo Gafà (1639 – 1703) by Dr Hermann Bonnici
  • Capi Maestri or Maestri Periti? The role of Giacomo Bianco (1690-1770) and Giuseppe Bonnici (1706-1779) in 18th century Baroque Malta by Mr Mevrick Spiteri
  • The multi-phased restoration and conservation of the external facades and belfries of the Parish Church of St Catherine of Alexandria in Zejtun by Perit Daphne Fenech and Perit Norbert Gatt
  • Church Influence on Society in Baroque Malta by Prof Frans Ciappara
  • The cultural landscape of Żejtun in the late 18th century: A view by Sebastiano Ittar (1768-1847) by Dr Sandro Debono
  • The Cathedral of the East by Perit Ruben Abela and Mr Paul Zammit

This is the fifth collection of papers published by Wirt iż-Żejtun, with the first four being “The Żejtun Roman Villa”, “Turkish Raid of 1614”, “Discovering Southeast Malta” and “The Maltese Village”.

Editor: Ruben Abela
Publishers: Wirt iż-Żejtun
Specifications: 297 x 210 mm, 124 pages, full colour
Selling Price: €15

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