Videos of Past Events

You can view the full video of past events, interviews and presentations by clicking on any one of the titles below:

  1. Interview with Dr Alexander Cachia Zammit on the past celebrations of the Holy Week – 11th April 2011
  2. Gnien Luqa Briffa – A presentation made by Dr Malcolm Borg and Dr Joseph Buhagiar – 29th July 2011
  3. Il-Manuċċa – A presentation made by Lino Psaila on how to make a standard manuċċa (kite) – 18th August 2011
  4. Il-Manuċċa – A presentation made by Lino Psaila on how to make a maktur manuċċa (decorated kite) – 18th August 2011
  5. Focusing on Zejtun’s Heritage” exhibition held between the 21st and 25th September 2011.
  6. Interview with Trevor Zahra about his father Walter (13th December 2011)
  7. Interview with Vince Abela about the craft of wood inlaying in the Zejtun Good Friday Statues
  8. L-Għana Malti tagħna lkoll an activity about Maltese folk singing held on the 6th July 2012

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