About this website

We welcome you as a visitor to our website.

This website is the official website of Wirt iż-Żejtun and is aimed to serve as an informative and educational tool to all those interested in or studying our heritage.  All the information published has been researched prior to its posting. It tries to fill in gaps which young students find when trying to carry out school projects about this town by providing digital photographs and basic information about this town.

It is also aimed at giving more detailed information to students in higher grades and guides them to any other useful published resources which can be used in their research.

This site will fill in a gap in promoting the heritage of iż-Żejtun and is a wealth of information to all those interested in our past.

The website can also serve as a source of information for tourists when planning their visit to Malta.  We would also hope that it will serve as a link and a forum to all the Żejtun people who in the past years have emigrated to other continents particularly Australia and America.

It is also intended to use this site to promote events and campaigns organised by Wirt iż-Żejtun and other organisations and societies, when such events are related to the caring of our heritage.

Past memories and traditions will be renewed by all those who once have lived or visited this beautiful town.

We hope you enjoy the information posted on our site and that you visit us regularly, whilst invite you to share any information you might find useful with your friends.

2 responses to “About this website

  1. Peter Montebello

    It is just by chance that I came to the website. Although I have not seen the contents, just the idea of introducing such a site is open to a heartfelt congratulations. I have an eye for spelling mistakes: since I have just seen one, I have to point it out. 5th para, line 2: emegrated should be “emigrated”.

    Once more, congratulations. If possible let me know of any help needed: if time permits, I would gladly lend you a hand.

    P. Montebello

    • Thanks Peter for your appreciation and encouraging words. Although a lot of information has been already posted, this website is still under construction since there’s a lot more to include. Although care is taken to avoid spelling mistakes, please do inform us of any you encounter so that we can improve our product.

      This website is only one project which Wirt iz-Zejtun has in hand, although recently formed we already have over 50 members and wish that others will join in since till now the only resource we have is through membership.

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