Rural Development

Less than a hundred years ago,  Zejtun was mainly a rural community depending mostly on the agricultural and farming produce.  In the past there have been strong links between the people of Zejtun and the land surrounding their places of residence.  This form of rural living presented chalenges to the community as well as opportunities.

The fields cultivated by the farmers living in Zejtun and the other south eastern villages and hamlets which once formed part of Zejtun are the first to touch the early rays of sunrise.

In these pages we will be surfing onto the rural landscape of Zejtun and exploring the rural lifestyles and experiences of its past people.


2 responses to “Rural Development

  1. at one time zejtun had the largest area as a town followed by rabat.these sites in my opinion must by=e supported by some photos of rural areas.

  2. Agreed. The site is still at construction stage and in this section and other sections we will be including further information accompanied by photographic documentation. At the moment we are investing our time in filling up the Maltese version of this site so that we first get them at par.

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