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Wirt iż-Żejtun, PO Box 25, iż-Żejtun



00356 99467775

12 responses to “Contact us

  1. Simone & Martin Bugeja

    Nixtiequ sempliciment nawguraw li x-xoghol taghkom ihalli hafna frott b’risq dan ir-rahal li ghandu ftit minn kollox, cioe’ rikkezza ta’ wirt storiku, gmiel ta’ kampanja mad-dawra taghha u wahda mill-isbah bajjiet fin-naha t’isfel tal-gzira, dik ta’ San Tumas.

    Bl-isbah xewqat

    Simone u Martin Bugeja
    Hal Balzan

    • Simone & Martin, nirringrazzjawkom ta’ l-apprezzament tagħkom. Nistednukom biex iżommu ruħkom aġġornati ma’ dan is-sit u nittamaw li niltaqaw f’xi waħda mill-attivitajiet li tkun qed torganizza Wirt iż-Żejtun.

  2. Charles Zammit Haber

    Congratulations on a well planned and intersting site. Zejtun has a lot to offer. Keep up the good work.

  3. Mrs. Maria Micallef Lia.

    Nixtieq nuri apprezament lil dan il-grupp Wirt iz-Zejtun, hemm htiega kbira li nergaw inrawmu l-inhabba u rispett lejn il-wirt li hu l-unika identita taghna.Inhegg biex ninvestu hafna fit-tfal taghna, nahsbu kif noholqu programmi li jkunu ta nteress ghaz-zaghzah. jiena u zewgi nixtiequ nkunu parti min dan il grupp.
    Maria Micallef Lia.
    Anthony Micallef.

  4. Gheziez Marija u Anthony Micallef,
    Nirringrazzjawkom ta’ l-interess u kliem t’apprezzament lejn l-ghaqda taghna u nistednukom sabiex taghmlu kuntatt maghna permezz tal-email fuq u nkunu nistghu nigwidawkom kif tistghu tidhlu membri f’Wirt iz-Zejtun.

  5. Charles Zammit Haber

    Well done for the prompt update of the site. Keep up the good work

  6. it tberik li ikun em go zejt iz zejtun il hadd xhin pleas

  7. Dear Wirt iz-Zejtun organizers,
    Well done on the sterling work you are doing…A question; are the tours being organized open to members only or can members of the general public who are not members also attend?

  8. Dear Mr Farrugia,
    We thank you for your support and nice words. All activities organised by Wirt iz-Zejtun are open to the general public and you are more than welcome to join us.

  9. anton farrugia

    Dear Wirt iz-Zejtun Members,
    Congratulations on the sterling work you are doing in favour of Zejtun and its history and culture. Lately I was very shocked to discover that the historical arch at the very heart of the Rahal t’isfel, going out from Sciortino Street onto the valley has mysteriously vanished!!! I wonder what happened to it. We must all also urge the local council to pay more attention to this oldest part of Zejtun. It is often left in a dirty state with uncollected litter, broken street lanterns (fanali) and rubbish strewn by cats all over the place. There should be a committee or Residents Association (if there isn’t already) to promote this historical gem which should be turned into a tourist attraction (like Birgu) and not marginalized as it seems to be now.

    • Dear Mr Farrugia,

      We thank you for your encouraging words. Yes we know about this historical arch which unfortunately was demolished through an accident some weeks ago. We have reported this to MEPA and the person responsible for the accident was found by the police. We have already forwarded the necessary documentation for the arch to be built as orginal.


      Ruben Abela
      Wirt iz-Zejtun

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