Here we will be paying tribute to all those persons who lived or were born in Zejtun and who through their contribution in the Zejtun and the Maltese society at large,  we can use them as idols of our identity.

Although we will be referring solely to those who were documented in past and recent historical research, by no means should we forget those from our past generations who humbly worked to help others within the Zejtun community or who have contributed towards what we consider as our heritage today.

The following is a short list portraying some of these persons.  The list will be updated in the near future.

Abela Ġeneroso Master Mason
Abela Ġuże’ First Logotenent of Zejtun
Abela Vincenzo Doctor of Medicine
Barbara Ġużeppi Composer
Bonici Gregorio Benefactor
Busutill Tuse’ Artist
Busuttil Michele Artist
Cachia Abela Peitru Pawl Mgnsr. Eclesiastic Diplomat
Cachia Mikiel Patriot
Cachia Zammit Salvatore Politician
Camilleri Alwiġ Rev. Educator
Camilleri Wistin Statue maker
Caruana Ġużeppi Artist
Caruana Mikiel Journalist
Cassar Pawlu Doctor of Medicine and historian
Curmi Ġużeppina Madre Founder of Jesus of Nazzarett sisters
Dalli Hector Composer
Depasquale Ġiġi Sculptor
Diacono Carlo Composer
Diacono Orazio Composer
Farrugia Ġwann Indri Rev. Historian
Farrugia Xandru Statue maker and sculptor
Faure’ Franġisku Sculptor
Gatt Anġlu Master Mason
Gauci Nazzareno Small statues maker
Gerada Emanuele Archbishop Eclesiastic Diplomat
Grima Anġlu Chev. Benefactor
Grima Karmenu Tradeuniononist
Mifsud Bonnici Klement Patriot
Pulis Montebello Ġużeppi Politician and writer
Tabone Klement Patriot
Tortella Giacomo Rev. Parish priest when Zejtun honoured to a town
Vella Ġanni Master Mason
Xuereb Serafin Captain Military Officer
Zahra Antonio Bishop Eclesiastic Diplomat
Zahra Indri Patriot
Zahra Walter Promoter of local heritage and writer

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  1. Please do an article on Orazio and Carlo Diacono.

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