Opinion Poll

In this month’s opinion poll, we would like to ask our readers to vote for one of three buildings of architectural importance located at Zejtun, which they consider to be in dire need for conservation and restoration.

The three buildings are:

The Zejtun Police Station: This building was built in the early 20th Century and is one of the very few police stations in Malta which are housed within a building which was specifically designed for such use.  Architecturally it is also a very interesting building built in Neo-Classical style synonymous with public building architecture under the British Rule.  Responsible for the building – The Government of Malta.

St. Catherine’s Parish Church: Considered as the masterpiece of Lorenzo Gafa’, the Maltese architect who introduced Roman Baroque in Malta.  Started being built in 1692 and at the time of its construction was considered to be excessively large for the needs of the parishioners.  It dominates the skyline of Zejtun and also known as the “Cathedral of South East Malta.”  Responsible for the building – Zejtun Parish.

Vernacular Building in St. Gregory Street:  This is the oldest building found in St. Gregory Street.  According to Walter Zahra, part of the building could have been used as a fortified tower.  One can still note the eight pointed cross located at roof level on the main facade.  The building is being used by the Zejtun Local Council as an Arts and Crafts Centre and occasionally also used for exhibitions.  Responsible for the building – Zejtun Local Council.


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