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GALLERY: A picture is worth a thousand words

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Photographs taken by Manwel Abela


Symposium moved to a later date

The Executive Committee of Wirt iż-Żejtun has decided to postpone the  Symposium on the Roman Villa, which was being planned for the 17th March due to difficulties it found to raise the necessary funds to sustain this project. Since the … Continue reading


The Mechanical Crib at Zejtun

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His Grace Bishop Emmanuel Galea, then director of this Institute and Orphanage for hundreds of bereaved children, had the idea of constructing a sizeable crib, reminiscent of the Nativity of the Child Jesus.  Built in 1947, after several weeks of … Continue reading


Trevor Zahra in a public interview about his father Walter

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Wirt iż-Żejtun this morning commemorated the first anniversary since the approval of its statute through an activity which took the form of a public interview with Trevor Zahra about his father Walter.  This activity was held at the Nazju Falzon … Continue reading


Żejt iż-Żejtun – The week after

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Although a whole week has passed since the Żejt iż-Żejtun activity was held, the people kept on talking about the success of this year’s event during the past week. People from various parts of Malta and tourists came en mass particularly on Saturday evening and literally packed every … Continue reading


“Focusing on Zejtun’s Heritage” Exhibition Opens

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On Wednesday evening the exhibition “Focusing on Zejtun’s Heritage” was opened as planned.  The exhibition was inaugurated by Can. Rev Joe Abela and the opening ceremony was well attended. The exhibition consists of twenty-four photographs submitted by eight participants in the competition organised by Wirt iz-Zejtun during … Continue reading


Recording Past Events

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Since the setting up of our website, we promised that this would be a key source of information on the cultural and historical heritage of Zejtun. We are now in a position to start uploading videos recording our past informative … Continue reading


Confirmed through opinion poll – Parish Church needs urgent restoration.

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During May we have asked our readers to choose from three buildings found at Zejtun and vote for the one which they think needs most urgent restoration. When combining the votes received on our two sites 79% voted for the … Continue reading


Our Lady of Good Counsel Feast

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Anyone who happened to pass through the Zejtun centre in the early evenings of this week, could not have missed the bell ringing coming from the Chapel of Our Lady of Good Counsel.  During the past week, this chapel celebrated its titular … Continue reading



56% Think that Zejtun’s Cultural Heritage is not appreciated by its people

The first opinion poll which was open for readers on our blog during the month of April came to an end yesterday. The question in this poll was “Do you feel that the Cultural Heritage of Zejtun is appreciated by … Continue reading