56% Think that Zejtun’s Cultural Heritage is not appreciated by its people

The first opinion poll which was open for readers on our blog during the month of April came to an end yesterday.

The question in this poll was “Do you feel that the Cultural Heritage of Zejtun is appreciated by its people?“.  The total number of voters on the English and Maltese versions of our site totaled to fifty-five.  Out of these 22 answered positively, whilst 31 felt that the Cultural Heritage of Zejtun is not appreciated by its people.  Two voters were undecided.

This means that 56% of the people participating in this survey confirmed that more has to be done to improve the awareness of the Zejtun residents on the need to appreciate, protect and promote our cultural heritage.  Thus justifying the vision of Wirt iż-Żejtun. 

We will be organising more activities in the coming months in order to increase this awareness.  However, our never-ending appeal to sustain our vision is for your continuous support, both through your participation in these activities and also financial.

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