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OPINION POLL: On which day should we celebrate Zejtun Day?

Since the establishment of the local council, Zejtun Day has been celebrated every year on the 19th March.  There have been comments that this day has nothing to do with the history of Zejtun.  

Which day you think is the best alternative for such commemoration?

OPINION POLL: The Secret Passage – which story do you believe?

DSCN3677We have been hearing many stories about the secret passages and the considerable amount of human bones which were found in the 1960s within the wall thickness in the old parish church of Żejtun (San Girgor).  

These stories are the subject of various articles and features and many believe that this discovery will remain an unsolved mystery.


OPINION POLL: The interests of Żejtun people

The social and community life of the local towns and villages is influenced by a series of events.  In these events one sees the participation of a number of people, not just through their attendance but also in the organisation of such activities.

Please share with us your opinion on what do you think that the Żejtun people are interested in most.

OPINION POLL: Why iż-Żejtun fails to attract tourists?

We will be introducing again an opinion poll on our website.  Your opinion will help us in planning our work better.  You are asked to choose only one answer which personally you feel to be the closest answer to the question we are making.

We also appreciate having additional comments if you would like to share them with us.


Why should I bother?

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By any doubt, Zejtun has a rich history and abounding heritage. But do the Zejtun people have concern about all this?  How many of us actually show interest in our heritage?  Why do people from other towns and villages and foreigners appreciate … Continue reading


An Opportunity not to be Missed!

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During last month’s opinion poll we have asked you whether you had ever visited the Roman Villa found at Zejtun. Almost 60% of those participating in this poll never visited this site and about 23% had visited it only once.  … Continue reading

Have you ever been there?

The Zejtun Roman Villa was discovered by accident in 1961 when the area was being cleared to make way for the construction of a new government school.  The site was archaeologically explored between 1970 and 1976 and the remains of a residential area and a room with tools used for the production of olive oil were found.  Only another two sites survive in Malta with  similar set-up.

Through the following question we would like to gauge whether this site in known to the general public and in particular whether people ever had the opportunity to visit this site.



Confirmed through opinion poll – Parish Church needs urgent restoration.

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During May we have asked our readers to choose from three buildings found at Zejtun and vote for the one which they think needs most urgent restoration. When combining the votes received on our two sites 79% voted for the … Continue reading



56% Think that Zejtun’s Cultural Heritage is not appreciated by its people

The first opinion poll which was open for readers on our blog during the month of April came to an end yesterday. The question in this poll was “Do you feel that the Cultural Heritage of Zejtun is appreciated by … Continue reading