In Remembrance of a Tragic Day


Saturday the 2nd May of 1942 is considered to be one of the saddest days in the modern history of our town.  World War II was at its peak and Malta was under continuous attack by the Axis and on the fringe of starvation.

Shrapnel marks on church facade

German bombers launched an anti-personnel bomb right in front of the parish church at a time when people were coming out of mass.  Twenty seven civilians were killed in this attack and others seriously injured.  A number of shrapnel marks, remnants of this attack, are still visible on the lower parts of the church facade.  These marks have been plastered, however it is recommended that during restoration works to the church facade, the cement rendering shall be removed in order to expose these marks, which are important documented evidence of this tragedy.

Yesterday morning the Zejtun Local Council held a short ceremony in remembrance of these victims.  Flowers were laid in front of a remembrance plaque in front of the church.  Rev Eric Overend, the parish priest of Zejtun after praying for the victims, blessed the remembrance plaque. 

Representatives from the two band clubs were also present for the ceremony.

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