Our Lady of Good Counsel Feast

Anyone who happened to pass through the Zejtun centre in the early evenings of this week, could not have missed the bell ringing coming from the Chapel of Our Lady of Good Counsel.  During the past week, this chapel celebrated its titular feast.

This chapel is the private chapel to the palace Aedes Danielis which was built by the Testaferrata Bonici family.  This chapel is honoured with the title of a Basilica and in fact up to some years ago had the papal cross on its central frontispiece at roof level.

The chapel was built by Nobile Neriku Testaferrata in 1750 and was blessed by Bishop Mons. Alpheran de Bussan.  Neriku was the son of Marju Testeferrata, the nephew of Girgor Bonici.   Manweli Testaferrata Bonici, in the later half of the 19th Century, enriched the interior of the chapel with decoration including marble cladding and paintings.  It was at this time that Pope Leone XIII honoured the chapel with the title of a Basilica.  An inscription dated 8th December 1888 found on the main door of the church, testifies this event. 

On the 8th December 1891, Archbishop Pietru Pace, consecrated the church to Our Lady of Good Counsel and ordered that the feast in honour of Our Lady be celebrated annually.  This is testified in another marble inscription found in the same church.


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