EVENTS: The South-East of Malta during the Great Siege

As part of the events commemorating the Great Siege of 1565, Wirt iż-Żejtun yesterday organised a talk by Mr. Lino Bugeja, well-known Vittoriosa historian, about the part played by the South-East of Malta during the Great Siege. 11973946_1125704390790916_1968805779_o

Mr. Bugeja gave an overview of the defence system in place in the area, and specifically in Zejtun and its immediate environs. He also referred to the plea for help which the Maltese had made to the Viceroy of Sicily, and discussed whether the attack of 1565 was an actual incursion or a razzia, of which the South-East had been a victim countless times during the period in question.DSC_9976

The talk was held at the Pompei Hall next to the parish church of Marsaxlokk an was well attended by those interested in Maltese history, and specifically in the history of the South-East of Malta.

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