NEWS: An ambitious dream turned true!

Today, an ambitious dream turned true, when Wirt iż-Żejtun held its first symposium just two years from the setting up of this voluntary organisation.  The subject of this symposium was the Żejtun Roman Villa.

It was a packed day with one presentation after another, keeping an audience of over hundred persons listening what was being unfolded by archaeolgists, academics, researchers and conservators.

The symposium was opened at 09:00 by His Excellency President Emeritus Dr Ugo Mifsud Bonnici.  This was followed immediately by the presentations, a total of twelve, which were spread during the whole morning and afternoon.  The symposium ended at 16:30 by a closing speech addressed by the Mayor of Zejtun.

The symposium was held at the Juventutis Domus in St Gregory Street.  All the contributions given during this symposium are going to be published in a book.


2 responses to “NEWS: An ambitious dream turned true!

  1. Hi from Adelaide, South Australia
    Awguri zbieh ghal dan l-avveniment tasssew uniku fiz-Zejtun. Jien u bosta Maltin li saru jafu b’dak li qed jigri fir-rahal taghna, jixtiequ kull success lil dan iz-zimpozju.
    Pprosit u r-risq

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