Building a Crib – The Kids Experience

On Wednesday 30th November, Wirt iż-Żejtun held an interesting activity for kids.  This activity was done thanks to the assistance given by the members of the Society of Christian Doctrine, MUSEUM Boys of Zejtun, and in fact it was held in their premises.

The art of crib building is slowly being lost, and it was for such reason that Wirt iż-Żejtun thought of organising this activity for kids.  The members of the MUSEUM has kept this tradition alive through the building of hundreds of cribs and the manufacturing of thousands of statuettes (pasturi) which they give as presents during the Christmas celebrations to all those boys who attended the Christian Doctrine during the year.

In the activity held last Wednesday, the children were divided into groups where it was first explained to them how a crib is built and then each kid built a crib themselves.  The children also attended for an explanation on how plaster statuettes are produced and were shown round the workshop of these statuettes within the MUSEUM building.

The kids had a wonderful experience and were quite delighted especially when they took their crib with them.

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