An Opportunity not to be Missed!

During last month’s opinion poll we have asked you whether you had ever visited the Roman Villa found at Zejtun.

Almost 60% of those participating in this poll never visited this site and about 23% had visited it only once.  We acknowledge the fact that the site is enclosed within the school grounds and thus highly inaccessible as we do also recognise that it is very rare that someone organise a guided visit into this site.  It is only through such guided visits that one can appreciate best the importance of this unique site in our town, since if you visit this site without expert guidance you can easily misconcieve its importance.

If you would like to visit this site and be guided professionally on what has been discovered so far and its relative importance to our history, then you should not miss this occasion.

On Saturday 9th July, between 8:30 and noon, a series of guided tours (one every half an hour) are going to be organised by the Department of Classical Studies and Archaeology of the University of Malta who are currently leading a group of archaeology students in carrying out an archaeological excavation on this site.  The students are being directed by Professor Anthony Bonanno and Dr Nicholas Vella.  Entrance is free of charge.

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