Wirt iz-Zejtun Members visit the Roman Villa

On Thursday 30th June in the afternoon members of Wirt iż-Żejtun visited the Roman Villa in the grounds of the Girls’ Secondary School (Ex-Carlo Diacono Junior Lyceum) at Zejtun.

The members were guided through the site by Dr Nicholas Vella who is directing the archaeological excavations together with Professor Anthony Bonanno during a four-week work camp organised for the archaeology students by the Department of Classical Studies and Archaeology of the University of Malta.

The members had the opportunity to ask questions about this site and about the discoveries made so far.

Dr Vella explained in detail the work done so far and what are the most interesting features of this villa on a national scale.  Amongst other things according to Dr Vella, in this site it has been proven through the archaeological investigations carried out that this site was already inhabited during the Punic Period, something which has always been contended by archaeologist but never proven. 

Wirt iż-Żejtun would like to thank Profs Bonanno and Dr Vella for this opportunity and the Head of School for granting us access through the school into the site.

At the end of the visit we were informed that on Saturday 9th July between 8:30 and noon the site will be opened for visitors and that there will be guided tours through the site every half an hour.


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