The Zejtun Roman Villa – Wirt iz-Zejtun Syposium 2012

Few know that there are archaeological remains of a Roman Villa in Zejtun, let alone appreciate its importance and the value of other archaeological remains discovered in and around Zejtun.

Last May Din l-Art Ħelwa launched a conservation plan for the area which is being managed by the Department of Classical Studies and Archaeology and the Department of Built Heritage at the University of Malta.  Currently a group of archaeology students are carrying our their practical work consisting of archaeological excavations at the Roman Villa in Zejtun under the direction of Professor Anthony Bonanno and Dr. Nicholas Vella.

Wirt iż-Żejtun, as part of its role to promote the heritage of Zejtun, will be contributing to the promotion of this site through a symposium to be held on Saturday the 17th March 2012 with the title: “The Zejtun Roman Villa in the context of other Archaeological remains in its surroundings”.  The aim of this symposium is to gather knowledge and research done by experts and academics on the Roman Villa and other archaeological remains in the surrounding area.  It is also intended that all submitted papers will be gathered into a publication.

In order to gather a wider audience  Wirt iz-Zejtun is also planning to hold an exhibition which will include artifacts discovered in this site.

Wirt iz-Zejtun is grateful to the cooperation already found from the University of Malta, Heritage Malta, the Zejtun Local Council, Din l-Art Ħelwa and the Head of St Thomas Moore Girls’ Secondary School, in which this site is located.

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