Feast of St. Catherine @ Zejtun

Yesterday morning Zejtun started a whole week of activities focused around the religious celebration of the feast of St. Catherine.

The activities started almost at mid-day when the titular statue of St. Catherine was taken out from the niche and onto the church parvis.  The statue was welcomed by a huge crowd waiting in front of the parish church and by band marches played by Zejtun Band.

During the first three days of this week of celebrations there is a religious programme aimed at reaching the various sectors of the parish and on Wednesday we await the start of the triduum.  The peak of the religious celebrations is reached on Sunday evening when the statue is taken around the streets of Zejtun in a solemn procession.

The two musical societies of Zejtun, the Beland Band Club and the Zejtun Band Club take a very active role during the feast by the playing of band marches organised daily in the evening reaching the peak with the two marches on Sunday during the day.  On Saturday evening, classical music lovers can enjoy the open-air performance of these two bands in the main square of Zejtun.

The streets of Zejtun will be decorated for the occasion with banners, statues and street lights, whilst flags will add a colourful taste to our urban skyline.  Firework displays will start on Wednesday evening and end up with a grande- finale on Sunday evening at the end of the procession.

For full details of the feast programme you can click here.

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