Confirmed through opinion poll – Parish Church needs urgent restoration.

During May we have asked our readers to choose from three buildings found at Zejtun and vote for the one which they think needs most urgent restoration.

When combining the votes received on our two sites 79% voted for the Zejtun Parish Church as needing most urgent attention with the Police Station featuring second by 13% and the Local Council’s Arts and Crafts centre in St Gregory Street voted for by 8% of respondents.

The Zejtun Parish Church, besides being the most impressive architectural monument in our town, it is also considered as a National Baroque masterpiece of the most renown Maltese Architect of the late 17th and early 18th Century.  Notwithstanding such importance and previous campaigns to get such restoration project in progress, unfortunately the restoration works which started more than two years ago appear to be at a standstill and very little support and interest is being shown in it.  Although it was expected that such project would have instigated national support, such support was completely non-existent, but worse than this few people at Zejtun people shown interest in this project.

Wirt iż-Żejtun is trying to generate greater awareness on the dire need to protect this National monument from further decay and irreparable damage.


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