Let’s grow cotton!

In the past, even up to the first half of the 20th century, the cultivation of cotton was very popular in Malta and contributed to a very active industry. Unfortunately with the diminishing of agricultural activity and the introduction of synthetic materials, this industry has completely vanished.

Last year we have sown some cotton seeds and planted the grown cotton plants at the Masġar San Klement. We have managed to harvest some white and red cotton, which we donated to the Textiles Conservation Department of Heritage Malta. In return they gave us back the seeds.

We intend sharing these seeds with anyone who would like to enjoy the fascination of this plant and its fruit. February and March is the time to sow these cotton seeds.

We are sorry that due to the high number of requests we have received, all seeds available have been taken up.

Thank you.

One response to “Let’s grow cotton!

  1. Prosit for the cotton growing initiative, that’s fantastic!

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