NEWS: Carlo Diacono’s Bust removed for restoration

20160511_19044020160513_162149IMG_3721The bronze bust of the Maltese composer Carlo Diacono, located on the facade of what used to be his family’s house at the main square of Żejtun, was this week removed from its place  by the restorer commissioned by Wirt iż-Żejtun.

IMG_3508This bust, which is the work of Vincent Apap, was inaugurated on the 19th November 1967 and next year will be its 50th anniversary.

The restoration works on this bust is the third  restoration project being commissioned by Wirt iż-Żejtun in the last three years, and is being carried out as part of the activities in remembrance of this important figure in a year dedicated to him by this local NGO.

The restoration works have been entrusted to Ms Jane Marie Vella who is a professional restorer. In fact as soon as the bust was removed from its place, cleaning works immediately commenced on the travertine plaque on site and later on the bronze bust at the restorer’s workshop.

Wirt iż-Żejtun will be partly financing this project through its annual membership subscriptions.  Anyone wishing to make a donation for this aim can send a cheque payable to Wirt iż-Żejtun to the NGO’s postal address – Wirt iż-Żejtun, PO Box 25, iż-Żejtun.


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