NEWS: Official launch of the BELTNA project

Logo_pdfSIS LogoOn Monday 7th April, at Primary School B, Zejtun, which forms part of St. Thomas More College, the project BELTNA was launched, in the presence of the Education Minister, the Hon. Dr. Evarist Bartolo.

BELTNA is an educational game that gives pleasure to all those who like the history of our country, and particularly those who wish to get more information about the historical heritage of Zejtun.

LogoMEPAThis game forms part of educational material that Wirt iz-Zejtun is producing with the help of funds from the Small Initiatives Scheme (SIS) issued from the Maltese Council for the Voluntary Sector, and also with the help of the MEPA. This material is thought to help the Year 5 primary students in the Social Studies subject which includes material about the town of Zejtun as part of it. However this game can be played by adults and by children as well and there is no age limit for those who are enthusiastic to gain information.

PROGETT BELTNA - 9Progett BELTNA  1 (Ritratt hajr - Myriam Marsh)Progett BELTNA  3 (Ritratt hajr - Myriam Marsh)PROGETT BELTNA - 10Progett BELTNA 4 (Ritratt hajr - Myriam Marsh)This educational packet was developed by Wirt iz-Zejtun after a consultation was held with the National Curriculum Department, within the Education Division, the Head of Primary School B, St. Thomas More College, Zejtun and the Year 5 teachers in the same school. The packet was designed by Mariette Mifsud, who is graduate in the graphic design fro MCAST and it was printed by Gutenberg Ltd.

The Rules of the game are quite easy. The game is in the form of a quiz and in the same time it is a competition among the participants. In this game, two to four persons can play and another one can act as a quiz-master. If there is no one to act as a quiz-master, this game can also be played because the participants may ask questions to each other.

This educational packet was distributed to all Year 5 students of Zejtun Primary B and is going to be distributed to children when they reach Year 5 in the coming years.

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