EVENTS: The Trade and Art of the Silversmith

DSC_9209DSC_9215DSC_9217DSC_9221DSC_9214On Wednesday 9th April, Wirt iz-Zejtun organized the fourth public interview in conjunction with Good Friday.

This year it was Mr. Joseph Aquilina’s turn who is a well known silversmith from Zejtun. He was interviewed by Mrs. Fiona Vella, author and PRO of Wirt iz-Zejtun.

During this interview Mr. Aquilina narrated how this trade and art has passed from one generation to another in his family. He explained also the several forms of this trade and the different tools used for particular works. During this interview, Mr. Aquilina made reference to the several works that he made, not only for the Zejtun parish, but also for other parishes.

During this interview there was a reference about the silver works and white metal that are decorating the Good Friday statues of Zejtun.

This activity was dedicated to Mr. Tarcisio Cassar, another silversmith from Zejtun who passed away on 20th March, earlier this year.

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