FEEDBACK: The Żejtun Roman Villa publication

DSCN3365We would like to receive feedback from those who have already bought the publication.  Please give us your comments on whether you have found the publication interesting and whether your expectations have been satisfied.  We would like to hear also any suggestions for improvement.

Do you recommend other people to get a copy of this publication?

2 responses to “FEEDBACK: The Żejtun Roman Villa publication

  1. Alessandro Aquilina

    This book is the result of a good deep research, done by the heart, and to let you feel interested in these ruins of this Roman Villa. In your imagination you can build it again. Well done and keep it up.

  2. Professionally compiled, presented and organized. The multi-disciplinary treatment of the topics discussed synergizes insights that go beyond the singular importance of this archaeological find. Well done to all involved.

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