NEWSLETTER: Issue No 12, March 2014

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The Newsletter, Issue No 12 for March 2014 has just been published.   The editorial of this issue, as expected, focuses on the 400th year anniversary of the Ottoman attack on Zejtun which took place on the 6th July 1614. … Continue reading


NEWS: Restoration of St Gregory’s Statue

DSCN5186The restoration and conservation works on the stone statue of St Gregory, located in the piazza in front of the old parish church, has started today and will be completed within a month’s time.

This is an important statue and has a high artistic value since it is one of the few sculptural works done by the Nazarene Movement in the first half of the 19th Century.

L-istatwa ta' San Girgor fiz-Zejtun_FionaWirt iż-Żejtun has lately launched an appeal for donations from individuals and commercial entities to support the carrying out of this project.  Any one who would like to make a donation can do so by sending a cheque payable to Wirt iż-Żejtun to our postal address: Wirt iż-Żejtun, PO Box 25, Zejtun.  An official receipt will be issued for each and every donation, and benefactors will be duly acknowledge during a ceremony which is going to be held in the evening of the 22nd April 2014.


EVENTS: On the Ottomans’ Trail 1614

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On Sunday 16th March, Wirt iz-Zejtun organised its first from a series of events aimed at commemorating the 400th year anniversary since the last Ottoman attack on Malta of the 6th July 1614. The heritage trail started at the Old … Continue reading


EVENTS: A Visit to the Parish Museum

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On Sunday 23rd February, a visit to the newly refurbished parish museum, was organised by Wirt iż-Żejtun for a small group of young teenagers attending the Society of Sacred Doctrine MUSEUM of Żejtun. The boys were guided around the highlights … Continue reading


NEWS: Wirt iż-Żejtun representative on MCESD Committee

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Ms Fiona Vella, the Public Relations Officer of Wirt iż-Żejtun, has been elected as a substitute member on the Civil Society Committee of the Malta Council for Economic and Social Development. The Executive Committee of Wirt iż-Żejtun has nominated Ms … Continue reading


NEWS: Green Light from MEPA for the Restoration of St Gregory’s Statue

HPIM8672MEPA has approved the application submitted by Wirt iż-Żejtun for the restoration of the stone statue of St. Gregory which is found in the open space in front of the Old Parish Church of Zejtun.

The works on this statue are planned to start soon and will be completed before the feast of St Gregory, which will be celebrated on the first Wednesday after Easter Sunday.  The restoration will involve the cleaning of the stone from deposits, whilst making sure that the patina is retained, re-pointing of open joints and repairs to broken moldings.  The works will be carried out by a restoration technician qualified in masonry heritage skills.

At the moment Wirt iż-Żejtun is looking for a sponsor in order to assist us in the expenses involved.  Anyone interested in giving some help should contact us by email on


NEWS: Official Logo for the 4th Century Anniversary

Zejtun 1614 Logo FinalThis is going to be the official logo which will be used by Wirt iż-Żejtun to commemorate the 4th Century Anniversary of the 1614 Ottoman attack on iż-Żejtun.

This logo was designed by graphic artist Daniel Spagnol.  The logo shows the victory of the Zejtun citizens over the attack by the Turks in 1614.    The sword which is a representation of the Turks, is presented in red tonalities and rough brushed strokes, portraying blood and death.   On the other hand the ribbon in green tonalities representing the locality’s flag is wrapped around the sword emphasizing the victory over the Turks.

This logo will be used by Wirt iż-Żejtun during the activities and initiatives being planned for this year to commemorate this anniversary.

NEWS: Annual General Meeting

DSCN4973The Annual General Meeting of Wirt iż-Żejtun was held today, the 26th Janaury 2014.  During this meeting the Executive Committee presented its annual report and the financial report for 2013.

The President of Wirt iż-Żejtun briefed the members about the activities and initiatives being planned for 2014, which happens to be the 4th Century Anniversary since the Ottoman attack of 1614 on iż-Żejtun. 

Members of Wirt iż-Żejtun had the opportunity to ask questions and raise proposals to be considered during this year by the committee.