EVENTS: “Imħabba fit-Taqbida”

Imħabba fit-Taqbida was the name of the drama produced by Wirt iż-Żejtun and the Juventutis Domus Sacra Familia at the theater of the Juventutis Domus on the 8th and 9th November.


This drama was written and directed by Joseph Agius and was based on the historical event of the last Turkish raid of 1614, developing around a fictitious love story between Ġużeppi, an orphan youngster who was brought up by his grandfather after his parents died soon after he was born, and Magdalena, the female Jewish slave of Clement Tabone’s family, who had her own experience to recount.

Although just fourty nine years after the Great Siege of 1565, the youngsters at that time played fool on the older generation when the latter warned them about the risk that Malta could be attacked again by the Ottomans.  Ġużeppi gave little importance to his grandfather’s continuous words about this, until Clement Tabone himself warned him about the likeliness of Turkish assaults on the island.  It was only then that Ġużeppi decided to take lessons from Clement on how to the sword which his grandfather gave him on his eighteenth birthday.

Ġużeppi and Magdalena got married, and were expecting a baby, when on a Sunday morning they heard people shouting in the streets and soon knocking on their door.  The Turks had landed at St Thomas Bay and were on their way to the village.  The story had a very sad ending with Ġużeppi being captured as slave by the Ottomans after he went to defend Clement when the latter lost his sword at the battle in Buleben.

Both performances were very well attended and the audience praised all actors and writer of this drama.

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EVENTS: On the trail of the Turkish raid of 1614

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In a rainy Sunday morning, on the 2nd November, Wirt iż-Żejtun had organised its last tour for this year.  The tour followed the trail of the Turkish raid of 1614 from the Old Parish Church to the church of St … Continue reading


EVENTS: Scheduled activities for November

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During the month of November, Wirt iż-Żejtun will be concluding this year’s activities which focused on the commemoration of the 400th year anniversary of the last Ottoman raid on Malta which happened on the 6th July 1614. On Sunday 2nd … Continue reading

NEWS: Our second publication – “The Turkish Raid of 1614″

Wirt iż-Żejtun has launched its second publication, this time gathering the proceedings of the Symposium organised last July.  The title of this publication is “The Turkish Raid of 1614″.MAR_0029The 104 page book includes eight chapters in all and is printed in full colour on art paper.  Giulia Privitelli presents the research which she carried out through different archives when she tried to unveil the true story of the Turkish raid. Charles Debono gives an historical account on what happened after the Turks left Marsascala Bay and how they have landed at Mellieha before sailing to North Africa.  Sandro Debono shares the information which he gathered on three altar paintings which somehow are related to this historical event.  Dr Anton Bugeja presents his research about Clement Tabone which is thought to have been one of the local heroes during the assault against the Turks at Buleben.

Fiona Vella shares her thoughts and writings about the folkloristic myths gathered around the story of this last raid.  Godwin Vella analises the impact of frequent raids by the Turks and corsairs on the shaping of the rural community living in the south east of Malta in the early 17th century.  Profs Stanley Fiorini, in a very logical manner, presents his findings on how the people living in the south east of Malta tried to defend themselves from these frequent incursions.  Dr Stephen Spiteri describes how the Hospitaller Order improved the coastal defence of the island after this raid.

You may purchase this publication for the price of €15 form the Wirt iż-Żejtun desk during the festival of Żejt iż-Żejtun to be held on the 27th and 28th September.


NEWS: Wirt iż-Żejtun Exhibition 2014

On Friday 19th September, the Hon Minister for Justice, Culture and Local Councils opened this year’s exhibition being organised by Wirt iż-Żejtun at the APS bank, Żejtun.

DSC_3266The theme of this exhibition is the “Last Turkish Raid of 1614″ and gathers highlights from presentations made during last July’s Symposium.  These are accompanied by a number of artefacts coming from the National Collection, thanks for the co-operation of Heritage Malta and the National Library.  The exhibition also includes a documentary prepared and presented by Dr Stephen C. Spiteri.

The exhibition will be open for the public during the bank office hours and during the Żejt iż-Żejtun festival to be organised on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th September.

This exhibition is being financially supported through a grant from the Local Cultural Initiatives Fund managed by the Ministry for Justice, Culture and Local Councils.

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EVENTS: Symposium 2014 – The Turkish Raid of 1614

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It was a very interesting morning at the Old Parish Church of iż-Żejtun, when on the 5th July a sizeable audience met to listen to eight different historians presenting their researched work on this particular event in Maltese history. The … Continue reading


NEWS: The Executive Committee meets Minister Bonnici

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On the 25th June, the Executive Committee of Wirt iż-Żejtun met the Hon Dr Owen Bonnici, Minister for Justice, Culture and Local Government.  The meeting was held at the Ministry’s Office in Valletta. During the meeting, the committee presented its … Continue reading


EVENTS: The South East Malta Coastal Defence

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On Sunday 18th May, Wirt iż-Żejtun held another event as part of its activities to commemorate the 400th Year Anniversary from the Turkish Razzia of 1614.  This was consisted of a visit to a number of coastal fortifications found along … Continue reading