EVENTS: Folklore at the traditional feast of St Gregory

On the first Wednesday after Easter Sunday, at Żejtun we celebrate the traditional feast of St Gregory.  This starts with a votive procession at Żejtun in the morning and ends up in a large picnic at Marsaxlokk in the afternoon.

The feast has been celebrated for hundreds of years and linked to it are numerous traditions and folk.  Wirt iż-Żejtun held its annual activity on the eve of this feast by a short seminar on the folklore synonymous with this feast.  The seminar was held at the Old Parish Church of St Catherine (known as St Gregory’s), with the main speakers being Mr Charles Coleiro and Mr Trevor Zahra.

In his speech, Mr Coleiro referred to the various traditions and folk linked to this feast and which were practiced in the past, with most unfortunately missing from today’s celebrations.  Mr Zahra gave an informative account on the poem written by his father Walter commemorating the feast of St Gregory and the fictitious story incorporated in it.

The presentations were both interesting and were appreciated by all present.


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