EVENTS: Iż-Żejtun Barokk trail

Notwithstanding the drizzling rain of this morning, a good group joined Iż-Żejtun Barokk trail  held this morning.

All started from Misraħ Carlo Diacono where a short overview about the development of Baroque architecture in Malta was given as an introduction to the subject.  The architectural style fo the surrounding buildings was then taken up as an example.

A street shrine at the end of Sqaq il-Madonna tal-Bon Kunsill was then discovered and its stylistic attribution to Xandru Farrugia was explained.  An identical shrine dedicated to Our Lady of Rosary in Triq il-Madonna tal-Bon Kunsill was also included in the tour.

The participants were then taken to the main parish church, which is considered as one of the local Baroque architectural gems.  The architectural development of this building was also explained and the architects involved in its construction and in the construction of the adjacent Oratory of the Blessed Sacrament were also mentioned.

The trail then proceeded through the Gwiedi area which was developed concurrently with the construction of the church with most of the area being built during the 18th century.

The tour ended with an unexpected visit to Villa Curmi, the house of Dr Paolo Curmi, one of the Zejtun Mayors of the 19th century and father of Giuseppina Curmi, founder of the Sisters of Jesus of Nazareth.


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