NO to further development beyond the area already built in Bulebel

We, the undersigned, are hereby objecting to all development already planned and/or proposed beyond the area already built within the Industrial Zone in Bulebel.

We are asking the Government, Authorities, Agencies, Corporations and Companies to put a stop to already existing plans to take over agricultural land and land which has not been developed, for the extension of the Industrial Zone.

We are asking that the proposal for the development of the area earmarked for the extension of the Industrial Zone as shown in Plan ZN3 of the Local Plan for the South of Malta,  be abolished and that this area remains an agricultural zone not meant for development and is given the protection it deserves.

If you agree to these statements please print the petition form, sign and gather more signatures.  Once filled, you can either send it by post to Wirt iż-Żejtun, PO Box 25, iż-Żejtun or bring it with you and join us for the informative walk at Buleben to be held next Sunday 25th February.

8 responses to “SIGN OUR PETITION

  1. I think an online signiture will be more effective in my opinion

  2. Complicated and few have a printer .

  3. Please start an ‘on-line’ petition so that we can dig back T and share/forward to our friends… much more effective than asking someone to print and send a paper document.

  4. Leave hustirical bulebel green

  5. Catherine Darmanin

    All I want is to sign the petition

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