ARCHITECTURE: Grand Master Perellos Estate

Two weeks ago we had revealed the discovery of a building which was built by Grand Master Perellos (1697-1720) in the Buleben Feudal Estate.  Since then we carried out further research and more people came up with further information about other historical buildings.

In our earlier post we have referred to the building discovered as a hunting lodge, but following further research it is believed that the building was funded by the Grand Master as a farm dwelling to the peasants taking care of the surrounding fields in Buleben il-Kbir.

During the past days we have researched archival documentation and managed to find plans of the whole estate and the adjacent Buleben iż-Żgħir.  The building which we discovered is shown on this map together with other buildings in the vicinity which still exists,  Therefore we are here talking about a complex and not just one building.  The main building has an “L” shape plan with what was an open courtyard on the side. The roofing system is impressive.  Stone roof slabs (xorok tal-qasba), resting on a double corbelled support (kileb) on both sides.  The span of these rooms is about 3.5m (approx. 12 feet), with the external walls more than 1m thick.

There was another farmhouse which was also funded by Grand Master Perellos at Buleben iż-Żgħir but unfortunately was demolished to make way for a Government Housing Block in 1989 notwithstanding public objections.

The other building built by the same Grand Master is the windmill of Bir Għeliem at the edge of the Buleben Feudal Estate.

During the coming week Wirt iż-Żejtun will be meeting the Planning Authority following the request made by the organisation to schedule the recent discoveries.


2 responses to “ARCHITECTURE: Grand Master Perellos Estate

  1. Carmen Cachia Zammit

    Keep up the good work so that the remaining buildings can be duly protected.

  2. Charles Farrugia

    Another Perellos coat of arms was at a building at Bulebel il – Kbir. Strangely enough it has now been removed. Who removed it and why?
    There are residents who live there.

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