EVENTS: Cultural Tour – Żejtun during the British Rule

The last event organised by Wirt iż-Żejtun for 2017 was a cultural tour which took participants across the streets of Żejtun to trace historical events which occurred during the British rule.

All started from the parish church parvis when on the 2nd May 1942, 21 civilians were killed after the enemy dropped a number of butterfly anti-personal bombs. The shrapnel marks of these bombs can still be seen on the church facade.

Along the route, the participants were have seen the first elementary school at Żejtun and next to it the new government primary school built in 1908.  The walk continued towards the fringe of the town at a stop next to St Clement’s Chapel to see the steam mill.

When walking in the centre of Żejtun, a historical account of WWII tragedies was  given, including casualties through direct bombing and aircraft crashes.

Reference was also made to the early years of the British rule with the setting up of administrative districts and the appointment of the Luogotenenti or Mayors.  The participants passed in front of the houses of two of these mayors and later saw the Luogotenent Garden or il-Ġnien tal-Kmand,

The Royal Engineers share in the development of Bulebel Industrial Estate and the Housing Estate of San Girgor was also mentioned.

This tour was an informative experience to all those who participated.

2 responses to “EVENTS: Cultural Tour – Żejtun during the British Rule

  1. Angelica Bossert (nee Attard-Baldacchino)

    Thoroughly enjoyed this article. Living in the USA, but having great-grand-parents from Zejtun (Antonio and Emilia Baldachinno) I hope to visit the village on my next trip to Malta.

  2. Simone u Martin Bugeja

    Komplu bix-xoghol fejjiedi taghkom u l-isbah xewqat ghal dan iz-zmien ta’ festi.

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