Minister for Social Dialogue, Consumer Affairs and Civil Liberties Helena Dalli presides over the Small Initiatives Support Scheme Grant Award ceremony organised by the Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector Europa House, St Paul Street, Valletta17 SIS New Logo v2During a ceremony organised by the Malta Council for Voluntary Sector and lead by Hon Dr Helena Dalli, Minister for Civil Liberties, Social Dialogue and Consumer Affairs, Wirt iż-Żejtun was awarded grant aid to fulfil its project GĦAMLULNA ĠIEĦ (they made us proud).

Throughout the history of Zejtun, our hometown, there have been a number of persons who through their personal qualities and achievements have written parts of this history. Some of them had special leadership qualities. One of them was Michele Cachia who lived the turmoil of the end of the 18th century and the beginning of the 19th century. His leadership skills were quite evident as he lead the local citizens against the French occupation during the revolt against the Napoleonic soldiers. His skills were praised by the new British colonizers. He started his profession as an architect as a mason assisting his father and ended up as one of the most recognized Maltese architects by the British Crown.

The figure of Michele Cachia and his contribution to the local community can still be used as an example of civic responsibility even today. Although the era of popular heroes has long passed away, it is yet still relevant to portray such heroes as exemplary figures not just to instill civic pride, but also to induce civic responsibility among us. On the occasion of the fifth anniversary from the foundation of Wirt iż-Żejtun, we will be portraying the figure of Michele Cachia to the local residents through a publication which will be distributed to all households. It is thought that this publication will be the first of a series on other similar local personalities, and through such publication we will be encouraging the local residents to have this collection in their personal library and accessible as a reference to the young ones and future generations.

This project was one of the submissions made for the Small Initiatives Support Scheme managed by the Malta Council for Voluntary Sector.

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