EVENTS: Lecture Tour for Tourist Guides

IMG_9606On Sunday 8th March, Wirt iż-Żejtun organised a lecture tour of the centre of the village of Zejtun. 

The target audience of this tour were tourist guides and the aim of the event was to disseminate information about and instill interest in the history and heritage of this old village.

IMG_9610The lecture tour started by an overview of the urban development of this old town.  Participants then walked through some of the streets which form the inner core of this town highlighting along the way historical and architecturally important buildings.  A historical and architectural overview on the parish church of St Catherine was also given, followed by a tour around the church, its altarpieces and other works of art.  Participants were then given a guided tour of the new Parish Museum.  The exhibits contained within this museum are of artistic and historical importance and are closely linked to the history of the town of Zejtun.

The tour ended at one of the local bars, where għana (local folk-singing) is held every Sunday morning.

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