NEWS: Zejtun school science students placed first

canon 103A group of science students from the Zejtun Girls Secondary School forming part of St Margerita College have obtained the first prize at the NSTF Science Week.


The students under the supervision of their chemistry teacher Ms Anthea Barbara had conducted a scientific analysis on the impact of commercial herbicide on local stone.  They have studied this with a view of applying such herbicides in order to control the vegetation growing within the Zejtun Roman Villa, which incidentally is located within their school grounds.

DSC_9457The same group of students had gave a short presentation on this study at the symposium about the Zejtun Roman Villa, organised by Wirt iz-Zejtun last October.

Wirt iz-Zejtun would like to congratulate these students and their teacher for their success and encourage them to further their studies in the field of conservation science.

One response to “NEWS: Zejtun school science students placed first

  1. Prosit tassew lill-istudenti u l-ghalliema taghhom. Ezempju car ta’ kif it-taghklim tax-xjenza ghandu johrog barra l-hitan ta’ skola u jkun attwali u ta’ siwi .

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