ARCHITECTURE: Siculo-Norman Style

HPIM2607The eldest buildings found in Żejtun are those dating to the medieval times.  This period spans between the Arab rule which started in 870AD up to the early 16th Century, just before the arrival of the Order of St John.

HPIM1088The term Siculo-Norman is derived from the fact that this form of architecture has been brought over from Sicily when Malta was under the rule of Sicily and the Normans.  This style of architecture is evident in a number of buildings at the old cities of Mdina and Birgu.

This architectural style is still evident in an architectural element found at the old parish church of Żejtun.  This is a large arched opening, which had been blocked in the 1830s when the chapel of St James annexed to the old parish, was demolished.  This arch has all the details in stone carving pertaining to this particular architectural style.

???????????????????????????????We are sure that within a number of buildings particularly in the Raħal t’Isfel area, there could be a number of architectural elements pertaining to this particular period.  Most of these have been recycled from older buildings as is the case for this Siculo-Norman window sill which has been reutilised as a door lintel.

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