NEWS: Year dedicated to Michele Cachia

Mikiel Cachia

During the first meeting of the new executive committee of Wirt iż-Żejtun held on Wednesday 30th January, it has been agreed that as from this year, each year will be dedicated to a person who during his or her lifetime left an imprint in the history of iż-Żejtun.

The person chosen for this year is Michele Cachia an architect working during the time of the Order, the French occupation and the British rule.  He was also a great political leader during the revolt against the French and lead the Żejtun Militia against the French troops.  He was born in Żejtun in September 1760 and died on the 23rd January 1839.  In the coming weeks we will be giving further details on this local hero.


During the same committee meeting, a plan of activities to be held this year has been approved, with several of these activities featuring around this important historical figure and the turbulent period he lived in.

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