NEWS: All set for this evening

The exhibition on the Żejtun Roman Villa which Wirt iż-Żejtun is organising will open its doors today at 18:30hrs.  This is being hosted by the Zejtun Local Council, which was of great support to this initiative, at the Arts and Crafts Centre in St Gregory Street, just in front of the Juventutis Domus.

The Zejtun Parish, Heritage Malta and the Department of Classical Studies and Archaeology of the University of Malta collaborated by lending a number of archaeological artifacts which were discovered on this site and will be placed on display, most of which for the first time, at this exhibition.

The exhibition will open in the evenings up to 7th October and will open at longer hours during the Żejt iż-Żejtun festival.

Main sponsors of this exhibition.

2 responses to “NEWS: All set for this evening

  1. Hello all organisers and presemnters

    Just wishing you all a very successful events in connection with the Symposium. Sincerely hope and trust that this will be a great event, one that contributes largely to our recognition of the value of historical researc and appreciation of our heritage.

    Nick A Cutajar Adelaide South Australia

  2. Thanks Nicholas for your support and encouraging words.

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