Street Shrines: St Michael’s Niche in Triq San Mikiel

This street shrine is located right above  remissa door number 11 in Triq San Mikiel at ir-Raħal ta’ Fuq.  It is in the form or a bass relief surrounded with a frame and having a plaque at its lowest part which possibly could have included an indulgence inscription.

This niche is not of great artistic value, however it is of vernacular value.  Someone seems have repainted the shrine recently and although the job was not done in a professional way, at least it is being taken care of.

Unfortunately one cannot determine the age of this niche since the main source of information, the indulgence inscription, seems to have been lost or else covered by the layers of paint applied in the past.

Professional restoration of this street shrine could not only rediscover the inscription but possibly also its original polychrome.

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