St Gregory’s Procession held today

Today, the first Wednesday after Easter Sunday, at Zejtun we had the traditional  procession of St Gregory.

Although in the past this procession used to start from Imdina, with the Cathedral Chapter meeting at the Tarxien Parish Church all the Confraternities and clergy coming from all the parishes on the island and together proceeding to Zejtun, today the procession starts from the humble chapel of St Clement with the Confraternity of St Joseph of Ta’ Ġieżu, being the only one participating.  The procession started at 09:30 and proceeded towards the parish church.  There Archbishop Mons Paul Cremona lead prayers and toned the Miserecordia.  The Cathedral Chapter then walked processionally to the old parish of St Catherine and celebrated mass.  everything ended by 11:15.

The participation of the public to this procession is much less than what used to be some decades ago, when it was even a tradition for new weds to participate in this feast as they also used to do at the Mnarja.

Notwithstanding this, today life at Zejtun was different from the normal working days.  A number of shops remained closed and some of the Zejtun residents also took the traditional day off from work.

You can watch the procession from its start to the end on the video below.

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