Sicilian Professors visit Zejtun

A group of Sicilian professors coming from the Universita’ di Palermo and officials from the Comune di Ragusa, have recently visited Zejtun.  The visitors were led by Heritage Malta officials and their visit was part of a day tour following a meeting they had in Malta.

These academics are partners in an Intereg Project, Italia – Malta called Lithos, which is led by the Comune di Ragusa and in which Heritage Malta is also a partner.  The Sicilian team visited the Old Parish of St Catherine, the Oratory of the Blessed Sacrament and St. Catherine’s Parish Church at Zejtun and later on they went to Verdala Palace and St. Mark’s Convent in Rabat.

The Lithos project is aimed at studying local masonry historic buildings with a focus on their stereotomy (the manufacturing of architectural elements forming the structure).  Through the study it is intended to compare the Maltese craftsmanship with that of the Sicilian counterparts.

The professors were very keen on the internal architecture of the Old Parish of St. Catherine, in particular its ceiling.  They were also deeply touched by the baroque architecture portrayed in the Oratory of the Blessed Sacrament and the main parish church.  They are aiming at studying further these historic buildings.

One response to “Sicilian Professors visit Zejtun

  1. Very well done and proud to live in Zejtun but I never herd about this site and I think you should make it more public and go on one TV

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