A new project in the making

At Zejtun, as happens in other parishes in Malta and Gozo, during the parish feast celebrations, a number of booklets are published by the parish, the band clubs and other societies in the town.

Originally these publications were intended to promote the programme of activities planned during the parish feast week, but in recent years these have taken the form of booklets, most often including researched articles on the cultural heritage of our town.  At Zejtun five of such booklets are published annually.  Wirt iż-Żejtun have acquired the rights from the Beland Musical Society, the Zejtun Band Club, the Għaqda ta’ l-Armar 25 ta’ Novembru and the Għaqda tan-Nar 25 ta’ Novembru to publish such articles on our website.  We are grateful to these societies for sharing with us this treasure of information.

The availability of these articles on-line is an archive of information readily available at a touch of a button to students, researchers and all those interested to know more about the richness of our heritage.

The access to such information is very easy.  You can  click on the tile ” Articles on Zejtun and its Heritage” on the homepage and from there you will be guided to a new webpage from which you can search the articles under the following categories:

  • Name of Author
  • Subject
  • Name of Publication
  • Year of Publication

 We are also planning to include other articles published on other sources.

We urge you to browse through this project, which is still in the making by clicking here.

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