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NEWS: Remembrance Day

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Wirt iż-Żejtun today celebrated remembrance day of Żejtun citizens who during their life, through their work or talent,  set a good example to other citizens.  This is the second year in which this day was celebrated. After attending the 9:00am mass at … Continue reading


PERSONALITIES: Archbishop Emanuel Gerada

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Born in Zejtun in 1920, he was educated at the Lyceum, the Archbishop’s seminary and University. He was ordained priest, by bishop Emmanuel Galea in 1 August 1943 and in 1964, he was awarded a licentiate in theology. He then … Continue reading



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Today is the fifteenth anniversary from the death of master-mason Generoso Abela, known as iż-Żonqri. Generoso or Rożu as he was called, was one of the talented craftsmen product of Zejtun, who through his work honoured our town.  He was … Continue reading


Personalities: Xandru Farrugia

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Xandru (Alexander) Farrugia is one of the artisans who was born and lived at Zejtun.  A carver of statues in stone and wood who left a number of treasures not only in our churches all over the island, but also … Continue reading