EVENTS: Qrendi Cultural Tour

On the occasion of the liturgical feast of St Catherine, members and friends of Wirt iż-Żejtun paid a visit to two churches dedicated to St Catherine, one at Mqabba and the other at Qrendi.  These visits were then followed by a cultural walk in the quite streets of Qrendi.

The tour at Qrendi was lead by the Mayor, Mr David Schembri who showed us around his village and gave us an account on each building and site visited.  Besides the church of St Catherine, commonly known as Santa Katarina tat-Torba, we visited Tal-Kmand Garden, Tal-Kaptan Tower, Our Saviour Church, the Parish Church of St Mary, St Anne Church and San Mattew tal-Maqluba Church.  Along the walk we have stopped in front of a other interesting buildings and architectural features which enrich the village of Qrendi.

We than Mr Schembri and the Mr Charles Zerafa, the vice-Mayor, who also joined part of the tour, for the enriching experience and congratulate him and the local council of Qrendi for looking after their village.  We would like to thank also Fr John Curmi, the parish priest of Mqabba for acceding to our request to visit the church of St Catherine.

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