ENVIRONMENT: The fauna and its habitat at Buleben

The renown nature photographer Guido Bonnet has sent us some beautiful photographs of fauna which is usually found in habitats identical to that in the rural area of Buleben.

Running clockwise from top left corner:

Żrinġ – living in humid areas and fresh water

Gremxula ta’ Malta –  living in rubble walls and fields

Serp Iswed –  living in rubble walls, fields and rubble

Qanfud – living in fields, country lanes and in rubble walls

Pitirross – arrives in Malta in Autumn and remains here till the end of Spring

Buċaqq tax-Xitwa – visible in winter in valleys and fields

First row on top from left:

Farfett tal-Anġlu (dehra mill-ġenb)           

Farfett tal-Anġlu               

Farfett tax-Xewk

Second row from left:

Farfett Ikħal tad-Denb Qasir                               

Farfett tal-Fejġel               

Farfett tal-Ġarġir 

Third row from left:

 Mazzarell Aħmar                                   

Debba tax-Xitan               

Werżieq ta’ binhar jew żarżur










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