NEWS: Presentation on the mechanical crib held today

DSCN3333This morning the hall in front of the mechanical crib at the Jesus of Nazareth Institute at Zejtun was packed with an audience listening to a presentation delivered by Joseph Pavia on the on-going restoration works on this 65 year old crib.

DSCN3351The activity started with the projection of an interview with Pawlu Pavia, Joseph’s uncle, who was responsible for developing the mechanism which drives the movement of the crib figurines.  This interview will be uploaded shortly on our website.

Following this interview, Joseph explained to the audience the work done so far on the crib in order to extend its lifespan.  He also showed images of the precarious condition of parts of the crib which unless restored shortly, there is a risk of loosing parts of this crib.

Presepju Istitut

This crib now forms part of our ethnographic heritage of Zejtun and it is important that we support all initiatives aimed towards its conservation and restoration.

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