Message from Wirt iż-Żejtun President for World Environment Day

Yes we can have a better environment! 

The 5th June marks World Environment Day.  The thought behind the celebration of this day in most countries around the world is to help us humans to reflect on our behavior and the impact of our actions on the environment which surrounds us.

Most think that individually they can do nothing to balance the negative impact on the environment resulting from the lack of environmental concern by countries larger than ours.  Although it is true that larger countries contribute to larger negative impact on the world environment, few think about the micro environment which we are disturbing ourselves even in a small country as ours.

How many have the courage to stop someone from throwing cigarette remains or a cigarette empty packet on the pavement?  How many will face a young lady and warn her after she threw or sticking her chewing gum to whatever she finds in her way?  Very few find the courage to face such situations.

Personally what I am doing to safeguard the environment which surrounds me?

One finds it easy to drive his way to the corner newspaper agent rather than walk to it.  It is less time consuming to go and pick up your children from school by car rather than on foot.  Do you imagine the damage caused by fuel engine exhaust not just on our health but also on the buildings around us?

If we had to walk rather than driving, we will not only safeguard our environment but also look after our health since walking is considered as one of the best physical exercises.  Walking rather than driving will help us appreciate better the built heritage and architecture found within the old centres of our towns and villages.

We have to realize also that most of the streets found in the old centres of our towns and villages were not planned for the vehicles we have today.  The traffic going through these streets is not only causing structural damage to the buildings within these areas but also considered as a hazard to residents and pedestrians.

Those who are older than fourty years old remember well children playing in the streets free of traffic especially during the summer months.  Today such scenes are very rare.  We cannot turn the clock backwards but we can do our part to safeguard our environment, our health and our children’s future.

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