STREET SHRINES: Our Lady of the Rosary in Triq il-Madonna tal-Bon Kunsill

If the most common street shrine in all of the local towns and villages is that dedicated to Our Lady under different titles, the titles of Our Lady of Mount Carmel and Our Lady of the Rosary, without doubt are the most commonly found.

One of these niches dedicated to Our Lady of the Rosary at Zejtun is found on a corner house along Triq il-Madonna tal-Bon Kunsill with Triq Santa Marija.  The statue as seen today has a polychrome which does not necessarily respect the original colour scheme since this was painted some years ago.

The niche itself is quite modest in architectural detailing although reflecting the neo-baroque style.  There is no indulgence plaque beneath the niche, however one can date the building and the niche to the second half of the 19th Century.

What is of most interest in this statue is the strong artistic resemblance with another statue found in Sqaq il-Madonna tal-Bon Kunsill.  The pose of Our Lady and Baby Jesus figures are perfectly the same.  It is clear that both statues have been sculptured by the same craftsman although the one under study is more detailed.  The pose of Our Lady and Baby Jesus figures are perfectly the same.  If the one in Sqaq il-Madonna tal-Bon Kunsill was attributed to one of the Farrugia’s than this statue can be attributed to the same craftsman.

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