Good Friday @ Zejtun

The activities related to the celebration of Good Friday are well underway at Zejtun reaching the climax on Friday evening with the procession depicting the Passion of Christ.

The procession starts from the Zejtun Parish Church at 17:00hrs and is about 2 hours and a half long.  With over 300 participants and 12 statues and statuary groups, this procession goes around the old parts of the town and starts entering back at around 20:30hrs.

Besides the statues which are carried by white dressed men, the procession includes a number of biblical figures, Roman and Jewish soldiers, children carrying bible quotations, two bands playing funeral marches and much more.

During Thursday evening and Friday morning a number of exhibitions of last supper, model statues and also reenactments of parts of Christ Passion can be attended by those visiting Zejtun.  These religious and traditional activities are considered as part of our ethnographical heritage.

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