Latest Publication

The Kumitat Festi Gimgħa l-Kbira, Żejtun has launched a new publication “Is-Salib tar-Redentur” gathering information written by Vince Abela about the artistic wood inlaid cross of the Christ Redeemer statue at Zejtun.

This book has been published for the occasion of the 100th anniversary since the crafting of this cross by Zejtun artisan, Mose’ Dalmas, a date which has been discovered by Vince Abela when he was restoring the cross some months ago.

Besides very interesting historic information, the book also includes a number of historic photographs and other recent photographs showing details of the cross and statue.

This book, which is the first publication in a series, can be purchased from the stall of the Kumitat Festi Ġimgħa l-Kbira, Żejtun at the Zejtun Parish Church or by asking for Paul Zammit at the church sacristy.

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